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Our Story


Start with great people. We work closely with independent breeders and breeding companies from around the world to bring the nursery and landscape industries an eclectic mix of perennials and woody ornamentals with great aesthetics and improved landscape performance.

We are not growers and we are not suppliers. Our job is to source, protect, develop and market these great plants, while working closely with many of the industry’s best-known laboratories, propagators, brokers and wholesale growers to bring our plants to market.

DIG Plant Co. was founded in 2008 and has grown to include a portfolio of more than 75 turf and ornamental plant introductions developed by a great group of plant breeders, ranging from professional breeding companies to academia to hobbyist breeders.  We have over 150 licensed growers, from coast to coast, growing and selling these great plants.  We feel incredibly lucky to work with such great people and look forward to bringing the US horticulture industry more plant introductions in the future!



IN THE PHOTO: (left to right, top to bottom) A shot of the benches at one of our partner propagators, First Step Greenhouses; breeder Graham Brown, taking notes from one of his Australian-native woody ornamental breeding programs; breeder Todd Layt, holding a tray of Lomandra Breeze; tissue culture lab technicians showing off some of our microplants, ready to be shipped to our partner propagators; Callistemon breeding; Liriope Isabella at a cooperating nursery in south Florida.