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Callistemon RED ALERT™


Callistemon viminalis ‘KPS38’ Red Alert™ PP25,673

A compact seedling selection of C. ‘Kings Park Special’, this Australian bottlebrush was selected for its abundance of prominent and vivid red new growth which is present for approximately two months in spring and two month in autumn. Responds well to pruning so use for hedges or let it be and it will make a nice specimen in any low maintenance garden. Red Alert™ needs less pruning to establish a hedge and is relatively disease-free so it makes for a great low maintenance alternative to Photinia (“red tip”). Best in Zones 9-11. Breeder: Todd Layt, Ozbreed Pty. Ltd.

  • Flushes of deep-red new growth in spring & fall
  • Responds very well to pruning
  • Great for creating hedges


Life Cycle: Perennial
Hardiness Zones: 9 to 11
H x W (approx): Approx 8-10ft tall and 8ft wide unpruned but can be easily maintained
at about half that size.
Spacing: 8ft on center for hedge plantings
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower: Large terminal bottlebrush inflorescences cover the plant, each approx. 4 to 6
inches long, consisting of numerous cerise-pink florets with long exserted stamens.
Foliage Color: New foliage flushes is a deep vivid red; very intense at times. Matures
to emerald green.
Habit: Round, “bushy” and dense
Containers?:  No
Light Requirement: Full sun to partial shade
Water Requirement: Prefers regular irrigation but drought tolerant once established
Maintenance Category: Low Maintenance; salt tolerant
Uses: Drought tolerant accent, flowering hedge, salt laden landscapes
Maintenance Notes: Looks it best in full sun with regular irrigation. Responds well to pruning.