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Baloskion FEATHER TOP™


Baloskion tetraphyllum ‘BUNNAN’ Feather Top™ PPAF

Restios from the fynbos of South Africa are gaining popularity in the US for their rush-like architectural foliage.  Like their African cousins, this compact, dwarf Aussie restio offers many of the same benefits of the large restios in a smaller package which makes it ideal for containers and smaller gardens.  Selected because it only grows to about half the size of the species and a high degree of basal branching.  For a “southern plant” it handles a fair amount of humidity, water, cold and frost; can actually work in relatively dry areas if given some afternoon shade. This plant wont seed, self sow or become weedy because it is dioecious and gets very few pests and diseases.  Breeder: Peter Abel

  • Half the size of the common form!
  • Great grass-like plant for wet or low-lying areas
  • Nice feathery plumes


Life Cycle: Perennial
Hardiness Zones: 9 to 11; moderate frost tolerance.
H x W (approx): Approx 2.5ft tall and 1ft wide (approx)
Spacing: 18 to 24 inches on center for groupings/mass planting
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower: Compact flowering spikes with brown bracts sit at or just above the foliage in
spring and summer.
Foliage Color: Feathery linear-shaped leaves born on tightly clumped tussocks of culms giving the plant a rush-like appearance.
Habit: Upright, “bushy” and dense
Containers?: Yes, adds an interesting texture to mixed containers (pair with plants that
also have a moderate to high irrigation requirement.)
Light Requirement: Full sun
Water Requirement: Regular irrigation
Maintenance Category: Requires little maintenance once established
Uses: Water gardens, around retention ponds, watershed areas, constructed creek beds
or other low-lying areas that are prone to saturated soils.
Maintenance Notes: Looks it best in full sun with regular irrigation